Helder is a member of the shore team, supporting the crew throughout the build up to the race and at each stopover, maintaining and repairing Racing For The Planet as necessary and making sure everything is in place for the crew ahead of each leg and training session.

Born in Madeira Island, Helder started sailing at four years old and has represented Portugal in competitive sailing since the age of twelve. A respected teacher and professional sailor, Helder is experienced in a wide variety of top-level sailing categories including The Volvo Ocean Race, TP52 Circuits, World Match Race Tour, Soto 40 Europe, Extreme Sailing Series and many others World class regattas and events. He currently races in Flying Phantom Class.



Shore Team




English and Spanish.


Who inspires you?

Peter Blake.

What is your favourite quote?

You only live once, so live it the best you can.

What is your favourite food?

Espetada, a traditional meat on a wood stick from Madeira Island.

What was your childhood dream?

When i was a child, I always dreamed of sailing for the rest of my life.

What hobbies do you have when not working with the team?

Spending time with my family, teaching them watersports, surfing, kite surfing and sailing.

Give us an example of a sustainable attitude to life – what do you do for a better world?

Recycle, try to avoid single use plastic and try to avoid fossil fuel consumption.

What advice would you give to young sailors to protect the planet?

We only have this planet, we must take really good care of it.

What is one essential simple piece of equipment you always have with you for your daily work?

My multi-tool Leatherman.

Why is your work important in preparing for The Ocean Race Europe?

My job with the shore team is to make sure that the boat and all hardware is always in perfect condition and ready to win races. The simplest thing such as a screw inside a winch or a small tube in the hydraulics system sometimes can do some really great damage.

What have you learned from working with the sailors so far?

I have learned a lot about sustainability in our line of duty, including products and equipment that are much more environmentally friendly.

What is your programme during The Ocean Race Europe?

The programme for the shore team is to work on the boat while she is not sailing, always attending to the needs of the sailing crew. Once the leg starts, we move all the support and spare gear to the next port.