Frederico is a professional sailor and Olympian, who has led a career that has already inspired a whole new generation of Portuguese sailors.

Frederico Melo started sailing as a child in the Optimist class, moving afterwards to the Laser class where he won the title of national champion three times and then went on to conquer the title of World Junior Vice-Champion. He specialized in the Dragon, Finn and Star classes with renowned success, becoming the Dragon European Champion in 2013.

Throughout his career, the prestigious professional sailor has taken part in important competitions such as the World Match Racing Tour, the Extreme Sailing Series and the Regatta Sydney-Hobart. Frederico fulfilled his childhood dreams by representing the national colors at the Olympic Games in London 2012, and by taking part in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 edition, the longest and toughest race around the world.

Frederico Melo´s participation in this race opened a new chapter in Portuguese maritime history, inspiring a new generation of ocean sailors. In 2018, the President of Portugal honoured the portuguese sailor for his participation in the Volvo Ocean Race.

In 2020, he secured his second European title, becoming Star European Champion.




Date of birth

13 July 1987


Portuguese, English, Spanish.

Sailing career highlights

Star European Champion (2020)
Dragon European Champion (2013)
2nd Finn Junior Europeans (2007)
2nd Laser Radical Worlds (2005)

Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18 - Sailor in Turn The Tide on Plastic team
London Olympic Games 2012 - Representing Portugal in Finn Class

Yoann on Frederico

Frederico is a very talented driver and very experienced sailor at a highly competitive level. He is an inspiration for the next generation of Portuguese sailors and this is important to us as a proud Portuguese team. His skills and his experience are a strong asset to our team.


What was your first sailing memory?

In the winter of 1996/1997, I joined a course at the Clube Naval de Cascais, but I joined late, missing all the theory and went straight out sailing on my own in a small ‘Opti’. The result was an accidental gybe boom to the head and I capsized the boat. I don’t know how I didn’t get scared because I loved the course and since then the ocean has been my passion.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by anyone who excel in all areas of their life. It is a privilege to race with a crew because there are people who are at the top of their profession all around me.

What is your favourite quote?

“Work hard and enjoy the journey.” It is a simple mantra that is very appropriate for the life of a sailor.

What was your childhood sailing dream?

To win a gold medal at the Olympics. It was an honour to race for my country in the Olympics in London 2012.

What items do you always take with you when you go sailing?

I never go sailing without my watch.

What hobbies do you have when not sailing?

I love to be in the ocean, so when I’m not sailing, I like to surf. Of course, surfing is a big Portuguese pastime.

Give us an example of a sustainable attitude to life - what do you do for a better world?

I always carry my reusable water bottle, avoiding single use plastic.

What advice would you give to young sailors to protect the planet?

It is time to act. We have a responsibility to lead by example, leaving our planet as clean and protected as possible.

Next race: The Ocean Race Europe

The Ocean Race Europe is a great opportunity to compete at the highest level and spread an important message to protect and save our planet from pollution.