A look back at our favorite type of pictures. Drone shots.

Today it’s our favorite pictures of our boat Racing for the Planet taken from the sky.

001 The shed at Trimarine shipyard where Dongfeng was transformed into Racing for the Planet.
002 Where it all began. Racing for the Planet leaves the shed after a 3 month refit in Lisbon.
003  This was Racing for the Planet’s first moments on the water. Because the water was so shallow around Trimarine boatyard we had to ferry her down the Targus river without keel or mast.
004 The first sail. This shot was taken during our first sea trials with boat for the launch of the boat.
005. Safe Port. Returning home to Cascais after a training day.
006 This is the first drone shot we got of Racing for the Planet at speed.
007 We love this shot because you can see how fast we’re sailing by the blur on the water.
008 This scenic pic was taken during our first race, the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy off Cabo Espichel
009 Offshore time. The first drone pictures we brought back from offshore training in the Atlantic
010 The triple header baby!!011The submarine012 Sailing off into the sunset. Doesn’t get better than this.

Photo credits: Marc Bow Brian Carlin Robin Christol Tom Martienssen Rich Edwards