Best pictures that our onboard reporters have brought back from their time onboard Racing For The Planet

  • The Ocean Race classic. No offshore on board a VO65 is complete without this shot.

  • It's a long way down when you're at the top of a 99ft mast.

  • The OBR self portrait. The person behind the lens never gets the glory, but Tom Martienssen managed to grab this great shot of Bernardo Freitas and himself in one.

  • Our skip Yoann Richomme showing the ropes.

  • Heading off into the sunset with Cian Guilfoyle.

  • The classic OBR shortcut. Why head out on deck where it's cold and wet when you can get great shots from inside the boat.

  • The classic OBR shortcut again. Clearly our OBRs like the comfort below decks.

  • All hands on deck for a tack during the night.

  • Mariana Lobato looking serious as they send it in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Navigator Fabien Delahaye shows the way during the Cascais Vela 2020.

  • Threading the eye of the needle.

  • Emily Nagel imagining what her first meal will be when she gets back onshore.

Photo credits: Robin Christol, Tom Martienssen and Marc Bow